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Savoy Event Venue

7255 Warden Ave., Markham ON L3R 1B4

Your experience begins now.

Introducing our newest creation: Savoy Event Venue. Located in Markham, Ontario at the Monte Carlo Inn & Suites, Savoy's rich and elegant décor and intimate atmosphere is sure to impress. With access to the Monte Carlo Inn & Suites, Savoy offers overnight accommodations.


  • The Bellagio Boutique Venue illustrated nothing but class and over delivered on all expectations, from our initial meeting to the very last moment of our wedding reception. The food was presented very well and tasted fantastic. They were able to accommodate every single guest’s meal request and executed flawlessly. The bar was stocked and our 400 guests never had to wait in line for a single drink; some of the most efficient bartenders I’ve seen and always happy to serve! The staff was constantly attentive and illustrated a consistent willingness to go above and beyond even for the most simplest requests. From Tino’s simple question of “Anything I can get you?” to a staff member assuming that the bride did not eat and packing a to go meal at 2am! Ramy was able to deliver a vision that created a wedding that was unique, representative of our personalities and most importantly personable and FUN! Lisa’s ability to execute on this vision makes them a really great team! The Bellagio team truly represented what excellent service is since they always found a way to deliver on every request – “No” is not in their vocabulary! Thank you for the most memorable day of our life! Suzie and Michael Barci
    Suzie & Michael Barci’s
  • Thank you so very much for making Rachel's Bat Mitzvah on June 15, 2003 such a success. You made the party such a wonderful occasion. The kids (and adults) danced all night and these are kids are who are going to 1-2 Bar\Bat Mitzvah's each weekend. Your unlimited energy and ability to interact so well with the audience was responsible for helping to make Rachel's Bat Mitzvah party so much fun. Her classmates commented that this was one of the best parties they had attended. Once again, thanks so much for your enthusiasm and energy in your job. We look forward to having you at our next Bat Mitzvah in 3 years!
    Anne, Mitch and Rachel Max
  • You really must be commended on surrounding yourself with such hard working professionals. Lucas was the best DJ I have ever worked with. He had orchestrated an event that was spectacular each step of the way. From the way he arranged my son's entrance into the room, to the energy he displayed throughout the evening, he carried that party all night long. Truly, all the guests commented about him, he didn't stop dancing and rousing everyone! He was constantly "on", and I believe the adults danced as much if not more than the kids! He is kind and well versed in his profession, all in, an absolute pleasure to be around. I certainly hope you get a lot more business out of this party; you all deserve the success you enjoy. Thank you for giving us a night we will remember forever.
    Callie Maister
  • Don't know who I've thanked and who not, so informally I want to say thank you for making Michael's Bar Mitzvah such a wonderful party. I had lots of fun and so did everyone else!! The pace was just right, and the music was great. And I loved the Break Dancers!! What a creative touch! It was a nice focus. If it had been offered to me beforehand, I'd have thought it over the top and said "no" probably, but they were really great, and I really liked the special surprise! Also, Aaron, Jonathan and the girls were all terrific. Thanks so much for your sparking energy!
  • I can't tell you how many people commented to me on how amazing you are! They said that they would like to bottle your energy and take some for themselves. Everyone was asking your name... getting ready to book their own simchas. And the mommies had a few comments of their own, of a slightly different nature! Lucas, YOU made the party what it was, I only supplied the guests. I can't believe how late everyone was dancing, and how jam packed the dance floor was, ALL NIGHT LONG. It was absolutely phenomenal Thank you for everything!
  • Thank you so much for making last night such a fabulous party! Adam was so thrilled and I know he had the best time (as did Corey and I) thanks mostly to you and your crew! It was an awesome party! Just wanted to let you know how incredible we think you are! Someone commented that you were one of the best MCs they had seen (and knowing who it came from that is a real compliment/pretty impressive!).
    Melissa Snider-Adler
  • Thank you Lucas for always being so energetic, so welcoming with our guests and kids. The night was a great success and you were a big part of it. The kids love you and the vibe was awesome. Thank you Jian for making this happen for our Soldiers and the Jewish community at large.
    Linoy Hazan 
  • I must tell you that Saturday night's party at the Factory was just fantastic and Lucas was amazing. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's so high energy and in total control. I know Lisa and Gary and their kids were more then pleased with the evening and really...Lucas was a big part or the evening's success.
    Marsha Baker