Digital Ecommerce Specialist

Location: 6260 Highway 7, Vaughan Ontario

Posted date: July 13, 2021

We are looking for a digital and ecommerce specialist to lead and execute the end to end delivery on both our retail and future restaurant business.

The candidate must have proven expertise with launching Google ad campaigns, remarketing, shopping and social media campaigns. This includes digging into what drives customer acquisition, how to leverage sales and marketing tools to drive engagement and purchase using search, display, paid social advertising and other tools. This role will be at the frontline of driving eCommerce sales growth for the company, accumulating and sharing best practices, and is instrumental in our success.

Key Responsibilities:

  • A results and data-driven mindset with a strong analytical capability and solid experience leveraging customer data to drive conversion are an asset
  • Clear understanding of how to launch effective Google campaigns, shopper campaigns remarketing and social media campaigns.
  • Disciplined to monitor daily effectiveness of key words to maximize campaign spending
  • Provide rigorous analysis of marketing program results to improve campaign performance through continuous testing of keywords, creative, copy, landing pages, bidding strategies, A/B testing, etc. leverage investments within Shopify
  • Clear understanding of Shopify and can leverage the platform, it’s supporting technology and analytics to produce better shopper experiences, reduce cart abandonment and maximize conversion.
  • Able to work independently
  • Provide daily and weekly reports on performance of sales and sales campaigns effectiveness
  • Daily ecommerce support: product uploads, copywriting, website maintenance, digital merchandising and content creation.
  • Comfortable with Shopify and leveraging new feature requests, bug fixes, and testing.
  • Website performance: constantly monitor and strive to improve website performance, speed and user journey
  • Launch and measure product campaigns and seasonal sales.
  • Website content management: ensure all online content, homepage assets, navigation, and product merchandising are aligned to meet all requirements on the content and marketing calendars.
  • Creative assets: collaborating with the social media Coordinator to create and manage creative assets for use across our content and advertising channels.
  • Photography: shoots images for use on web, client proposals and social media. 
  • Embraces and looks for new technology to assist in growing brand and revenue within ecommerce.


  • Certifications and credentials in digital marketing and ecommerce
  • 2-3 years excecutional experience in driving revenue using Google, Remarketing, Shopping and Social media campaign platforms
  • Understanding of Shopify and how to leverage campaign platforms
  • Understanding of Amazon platform and how to integrate as a vendor would be of benefit
  • Understanding of new technology such as order ahead apps

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