Special Events and Public Relations Coordinator

Location: 299 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7

Posted date: August 08, 2022

Job Description:

  • Manage the general administration for Petros82 and assist the General Manager with operating systems such as POS, Silverware, Open table, seven rooms etc.
  • Manage the phone and general inquires during the day until hostess comes on duty at 4pm
  • Handle all incoming calls and leads for clients inquiring to book social events and special events
  • Support and assist the sales team with the final coordination of all events
  • Issues/creates event resumes for all events, design agendas, floor plans, detailed event summaries, and client BEO's for the operations team and other suppliers that are participating in the event.
  • Liaison with the Petros 82 team to execute and prepare for all events on event day and leading up to event
  • Liaison with other suppliers within our own company and outside our company to assist the client with executing their event i.e.: AV, décor, gifts
  • Track and manage the master calendar of approved/confirmed events and pending inquiries for events
  • Assist with tracking and managing the master calendar for deposits and payments with Controller
  • Assist in the execution of the Petros82 sales, marketing, and business plans
  • Actively attend client events, meetings, tours, menu tastings and any special projects as requested by managers i.e. Trade shows to promote Petros
  • Actively create, update, and maintain all client databases for any mailing, correspondence, and promotional reasons
  • Coordinate internal events/parties for Petros82 when required/requested for the purpose of increasing corporate sales i.e. client appreciation parties
  • Coordinate all theme nights and assist in developing and executing the marketing plan around each
  • Assist in the general marketing of Petros82 and public relations
  • Engage in actively soliciting new event business for Petros 82 in the form of cold calling, outside calls, attending networking events
  • Actively engage in public relations on the floor with all guests at Petros82 to generate new leads and obtain feedback on their experience- during the dinner hours and at events
  • Manage the social media accounts for Petros 82

Expected Hours:

12noon - 8pm Tuesday - Saturday (Sunday Monday off) - flex day/hours around events

Office Location:

Petros 82, 299 Adelaide Street West


Salary - Full Time

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