Leaders in Safe Events

Peter and Pauls Hospitality Group, Toronto’s award-winning hospitality and entertainment group makes safety their top priority, and aims to be leaders in safe events.

TORONTO, August 25th, 2020 /PRNewswire/- Peter Eliopoulos, founder and CEO of Peter and Pauls Hospitality Group, announced today “that as innovators and leaders in the hospitality sector, we will lead and set the standards for those in our industry to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and patrons.

Celebrating life’s most important milestones is what we do best and we remain committed to doing so in a safe environment with the utmost care and consideration for public heath guidelines, which we will exercise to the fullest extent, there will be no risks taken” says Eliopoulos. Peter and Pauls Hospitality Group’s venues cross over three municipalities, Toronto, Vaughan and King. They have been working diligently with by-law enforcement and Public Health in all three municipalities and are following all Provincial advice and local Municipal requirements to open and operate safely.

Safety measure taken include:

    Designated checklists in place for food premises pre-opening, pre-gathering/event communication
  • Health declaration and logs for visitors and staff, vendor management, event management
  • Washroom supervision to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing is being followed
  • Vendor management to include pre-assigned arrival, set-up and removal times
  • Client meetings to be restricted to a limited number of attendees, appointments to be well-spaced between one another to allow for proper disinfecting and sanitization, pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms, temperature checks upon arrival
  • Strictly adhering to event capacity controls administered by the government to include 50 guests per event space indoors and 100 per event space outdoors
  • Management and office personnel to maintain social distancing, eliminate shared office supplies, disinfect same touch items such as the office photocopier
  • Suspected case management, and self-isolation and return-to-work preparation
  • All staff, management and patrons to wear a mask upon entering the facility
  • Hand sanitizer stations to be available throughout the facility, masks available at entrance points
  • Thorough disinfecting of food prep surfaces, utensils/boards/basins, mandatory face masks and gloves for culinary staff

Due to the scale and size of the venues:

  • Separate entrances and exits will be enforced where possible, staggered event start and end times to minimize the flow of patrons in common areas
  • Limited number of patrons permitted in the elevator at one time
  • Washrooms to be dedicated per event
  • Masks and gloves will be worn by all staff, staff only permitted within their assigned function space
  • Directions Signage to monitor the flow of guests throughout the facility
  • Increased security and personnel to aid with the flow, control and supervision of events

“We have created our own COVID-19 Safety Playbook that is used across our organization. Safe events are now our focus, we want guests to feel safe in our venues knowing that this is our priority, we will be evolving daily use creative ways to ensure safety and innovation” says Eliopoulos.

About Peter and Pauls Hospitality Group

Peter and Pauls Hospitality Group is an award-winning hospitality and entertainment group based in the GTA, spanning over three municipalities with a global presence. With over 38 years of experience in the hospitality industry, the group has grown its diverse portfolio to include venues, restaurants, off-site catering, audio-visual and DJ services, graphic design and video production, floral & décor and gifts. Fueled by passion, and a vision to grow into one of the largest hospitality groups in Canada, Peter and Pauls Hospitality Group brand identities include; Paramount, Universal, Bellagio, Savoy, The Manor, The Clubhouse, The Vue, Kortright Centre EventSpace, Black Creek Pioneer Village EventSpace, Pure Event Design, Peter & Paul’s Gifts, PeterandPauls Event Catering, YK, and Engine8 Media.

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